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The Stir’s chill-as-heck holiday gift guide.

Take the guesswork out of gifting and shop our featured holiday picks.

Well, it’s winter; a season so chilly us hardworking folk are practically forced to bask in the warm, glowing warming glow of our family, friends, and the many gifts they’ll be exchanging with you. 

We believe in gifts that make a lasting impression on a person’s brain along with their mouth. Case in point: what would you rather receive as a gift? A Phantasm-infused IPA so juicy it’ll make you weep? Or another pair of touchscreen gloves? Thought so. 

Check out some of this year’s best whiskey, wine, beer, and fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-liqueur from your buddies at The Stir.

Gift summer in a can

Not to knock the entire SAD lamp industry, but sometimes you need a little more than a daylight-balanced lightbulb to remind yourself summer isn’t that too far off.

FACT: no party has ever gotten worse from the addition of a canned tropical cocktail.

Gifts for the holiday party host

The duty of a host goes beyond curating the perfect holiday playlist and painstakingly cutting chunks of butter into the shape of a flower.  This is a fact: your gracious host is happy to have you, but needs a break. Red wine should do the trick — along with your assurance that the party playlist will not be “fiddled with” again.

These stackable gold-rimmed Meridian Tumblers add a dash of style and substance to the lucky spirit that’s poured inside this lead-free crystal. We recommend something strong and brown like this Johnnie Walker Double Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky on the rocks or chilled by a giant sphere. (IYKYK.) 

I mean come on; how cute is this thing? Fact: I have received no less than two dozen complimentary cocktail shakers in my life and none of them hold a candle to this lil’ guy. I would drink sludge of out this thing if it meant I could show it off to my friends in a holiday setting. 

Gifts your parents will love (trust us)

Say what you will about Baby Boomers’ grasp on technology, no one knows how to forward a chain message better than our parents. Social media faux pas aside, Boomers know what they like: vodka, white wine, and yep — every uncle’s favorite: Baaaaaaaaaailey’s.

Gifts your bank account will approve of

What’s that, wallet? You want me to show my appreciation for my supportive and loving friends by way of a bottle of something nice, but also need to pay rent? Dare we suggest some of these budget-friendly bottles of bubbly to celebrate a relationship that is, welp, too special to put into words. Here’s a try: special.

So here’s how it works: each aging kit comes with a pair of charred oak infusion sticks which, when suspended in liquor for a few weeks, creates a delightfully smooth flavor you can actually taste. Charred oak Skrewball anyone?

Every bar cart needs a finishing touch like this gold-capped bitters bottle. Made from delicate lead-free crystal, each dasher tapers into a cylindrical spout to deliver the perfect pour for your decidedly perfect drink.

Jeremy Glass is editor-in-chief at The Stir, but doesn't like labels or being addressed as "sir" unless it's followed by "you can follow me this way for more free barbecue."

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