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The Stir’s Mid-Winter Drink Guide

Take the guesswork out of gifting and shop our featured holiday picks.

As Winter continues doing its extremely chilly thing, getting past that point in the season where all the major holidays have ended takes a bit of planning, fortitude, and company. 

We here at The Stir HQ (i.e. a concrete bunker hundreds of feet beneath Drizly’s corporate offices) believe in the power of good drinks, good company, and maybe even a pair of nice velvet slippers to slip on after work?

Pair these winter wonderfully-curated drinks with some of our favorite cold weather goodies to make the most of this blessed, cursed, blursed season.

Move over, light beer, IPAs are back in town. What makes a beer winter-ready? Sometimes it’s a vibe, other times it comes down to overt wintry imagery, but in the case of these wonderbeers it’s the eclectic mix of fruit, hops, and gold standard goodies like Guinness. They shoulda named the stuff Gold-nness am I right?

Since hitting the bedroom scene in 2014, Brooklinen has expanded their offerings beyond blankets and sheets with loungewear that truly lives up to its expectations. Made in Turkey from genuine cotton, this super-plush robe features wide cuffs and pockets so deep you could stick a bottle of wine in there. Pair with the Henry Pajama Set and you’ve got yourself a party.

If it were up to me, I’d be drinking hot beverages all year round regardless of seasonality, but humans are creatures of habit with discerning tastes in drinks based on the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun. Whether you’re whipping up drinks for an impromptu Après-ski or just cozying up for a night at home with the person whose butt you’re always pinching, a shot or two of Laird’s Applejack Brandy mixed with warm apple cider makes for a nice end to the day.

I know, right? From the very same Pottery Barn your parents wouldn’t let you leave in 1997, these hand-painted Tahoe Fair Isle Stoneware mugs offer a festive alternative to your go-to coffee cups for warm winter drinks.

Whether you drink it neat from a crystal tumbler or mix it with seltzer and lime, there’s no wrong way to enjoy whiskey. Finding the so-called perfect gift bottle on the other hand takes a little insight. For the bourbon lovers, Woodford Reserve’s Straight Kentucky Bourbon delivers that classic sweet and spicy taste you come to expect from the land of whiskey and fried chicken. Most Scotch fans will get behind the decision to open up a bottle of Glenlivet 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, especially when it comes with the promise of sharing the same funny stories with the same funny people you’ve been drinking with since college.

Is ice having a cultural moment or am I just projecting? Doesn’t matter. Featuring three classic Americana-inspired designs, these stamps take your ice from cool to COOL in seconds. Choose an interchangeable stamp disk, attach to the wooden handle, dip into lukewarm water, and press down on your ice cube for a drink that actually means something in this world. I like the skull.

Let us hope that classic cocktails like the negroni, mimosa, or *cough* the Bloody Mary never falls out of style so we can, at least, pretend we’re at a cafe in Milan instead of sitting in front of TV with the fireplace channel on extra bright.

Pardon the expression, but “this ain’t your parents’ cherries.” Ugh, that felt awful. Made with Kentucky bourbon and Oregon cherries, these craft cocktail cherries are encouraged to be eaten straight out the jar, but also go swimmingly with a hot toddy.

With Dry January in full swing (unless you’re reading this too late), investing in alcohol-free drinks that actually taste good makes this month all that more worth it. Get acquainted with Drizly’s top-selling non-alc beer, wine, spirits.

Giving off that distinct pirate vibe, this artisanally-crafted flask features an etched snake graphic for an effortlessly cool drinking vessel that bites back.

When warm weather feels further away than ever, you can either: a) use up all your PTO on a beach excursion that very well may get rained out or b) take this summerlike canned margarita into the shower. Who’s gonna stop you? The cops?

Remember those luxurious velvet slippers I mentioned earlier? Try these on for size. Stubbs & Wootton’s effortlessly classy navy Spanish cotton-velvet slippers feature an embroidered martini that says: “hey, I like martinis.”

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