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The non-alc gift guide: Try these booze-free beer, wine, and spirits.

Raise a glass of near beer and spiritless spirits.

The holidays have traditionally been a time of festive imbibing and boozy gifting, but as more and more people are choosing a sober lifestyle, it’s becoming increasingly chic to show you care by thoughtfully considering what sort of non-alcoholic beverages your guests and gift recipients might enjoy. 

With more and more N/A beverage companies entering the market as well, there are ample choices, from non-alcoholic beer to booze-free, mocktail-friendly spirits and even non-alcoholic wine. (And, no, that’s not just grape juice.) 

Don’t know where to even start? Don’t worry: Drizly is here to help. Here’s our guide to the best alcohol-free beer, wine, and spirits to gift and enjoy this holiday season.

Heineken Non-Alcoholic 0.0 took the Dutch company years to develop, and it shows: This crisp, refreshing brew has a soft, malty body and drinks like a traditional Heineken, albeit one without any alcohol. It’s the most popular N/A beer on Drizly, and for good reason: Customers say it’s “as close to the real thing [as] you can get,” with one saying in their on-site review that they actually drank the 0.0 thinking it was traditional Heineken, had no idea, and even ended up preferring the taste of the 0.0.

A craft brew out of Connecticut, Athletic Brewing’s Run Wild IPA is brewed with organic malt and a five-hop blend. It’s got all the bitterness you’d want from an IPA, but with none of the booze. Seriously—if you didn’t know Run Wild was non-alcoholic, you’d never be able to tell. Its citrusy, pine-tinged aroma is on point, and the flavors are subtle and delicious. Run Wild won the gold medal for the best non-alcoholic beer at the World Beer Awards, and anyone who tries one will know why after just one sip.

Another award-winning brew from Athletic Brewing, Free Wave is slightly more bitter than Run Wild (It’s got 50 IBUs compared to Run Wild’s 35), but it’s just as drinkable. A California-style IPA, Free Wave is a vegan brew loaded with Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops, giving it a deliciously floral and citrus-infused flavor.

Non-alcoholic spirits can be hard for some people to wrap their heads around. They’ve got all the flavor and zing of gin, vodka, or tequila, but none of the booze. They’re also essential if you’re looking to make a great mocktail including, in the case of Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Dry London Spirit, a nice N/A mock gin and tonic. Flavored with juniper and citrus, Lyre’s Dry London Spirit is meant to mimic the flavors of gin, but it also brings its own special something to the table. It’s earthy and warm, and mixes well with not just tonic, but also other Lyre’s products, like the Campari-like Italian Orange.

Another N/A spirit, Seedlip’s Grove 42 is a bit of an anomaly. Unlike something like Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, it’s not meant to suggest a traditional spirit, meaning it can stand on its own. The citrus-forward Grove 42 is a complex blend of three different types of orange plus a delightful melange of spices. There are notes of ginger and lemongrass and a very subtle taste of peppercorn right at the end of each sip. Mix it with some tonic and an orange peel if you want something simple or mix it with ginger ale and a lemon wheel for a nice twist on a highball.

Ritual’s Zero Proof Tequila Alternative is meant to be savored. The company specifically says its creations are made for cocktails rather than consumed straight or neat, meaning it would be perfect for a nice N/A margarita or maybe even a non-tequila sunrise. Ritual’s tequila alternative has a grassy flavor as well as a smoky aroma and finish. Certified platinum by the Beverage Testing Institute, Ritual’s Zero Proof Tequila Alternative is the perfect choice for a night out on the town or a weekend afternoon at home watching the kids.

America’s no. 1 alcohol-removed wine, FRE Chardonnay has everything you want from a nice glass of white with none of the nasty hangover potential. Made in California with grapes grown in some of the state’s best vineyards, FRE Chardonnay has crisp apple flavors, fruity notes, and a perfectly tart finish. It pairs well with fish, chicken, or mild cheese, and has about half as many calories as a glass of traditional Chardonnay. With everything it’s got going for it, who wouldn’t love finding a bottle of FRE under the tree this year?

A robust non-alcoholic California wine, Ariel’s oak-aged Cabernet Sauvignon has notes of black currant, cherry, blueberry, and chocolate. With its nice dry finish, this Cabernet pairs well with game, beef, or duck and is beloved by Drizly buyers, including one who raved that it’s “liquid gold for wine lovers who can’t have alcohol.”

A perfect N/A alternative for all those Christmas dinners and New Year’s Eve toasts, FRE Sparkling Brut is perfectly fizzy and crisp, fruity and dry. This alcohol-removed wine is made from grapes sourced from California vineyards and the maker employs a state-of-the-art spinning cone system to remove the alcohol from the wine while also safeguarding the delicate balance of flavors in the beverage. FRE Sparkling Brut pairs well with fish and poultry, as well as light desserts, meaning it would be the perfect companion quaff for any cozy plate of Christmas cookies.

An N/A beer for the everyman, Budweiser Zero offers all of the flavor of a nice, ice cold Bud without any of the booze. That means you could take a sixer to a holiday party and not worry about who’s going to drive home. Also, at just 50 calories and zero grams of sugar, Budweiser Zero is also a great option for anyone who tries to live a healthy lifestyle.

A booze-free take on Lagunitas’s much-beloved IPA, the California brewer’s IPNA is just as deliciously balanced and hoppy as the original. As Lagunitas jokes on its website, “Who knew moderation could taste so good?” The company says its brewers took over a year to develop the right blend of ingredients for this near beer, landing on a creation full of Mosaic and Citra hops plus a nice base of English crystal malts.

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