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Quench your Zima-lust with these 14 canned cocktails

Dream of the 90s (in a bottle)

As the sweet siren call of 1990s nostalgia continues to inspire the resurgence of wide-legged jeans and center-parted hair, there’s one artifact from way, way back that has somehow remained omnipresent while trends like frosted tips have (thankfully) gone away. Running on the potent fuel of nostalgia, some trends – like Zima – are now finding their way back to where they were 30+ years ago. 

For those old enough to remember or enjoy it, Zima was a crystal clear, low-alcohol lemon-lime “cooler” heavily marketed towards women as a beer alternative that sold more than 1.2 million barrels at its peak in 1994. A frontrunner in the “clear craze” ushered in by-products like Crystal Pepsi and Tab Clear, Zima’s distinct colorless clarity was achieved through a charcoal filtration process that left the drink devoid of the color or taste of beer. 

Featured, fawned over, and ruthlessly parodied all at once, Zima briefly captivated a nation before abruptly disappearing. 

Though Zima is no longer available in stores, you can still enjoy a contemporary version of the drink that united a generation. While nothing will quite compare to that first sip of original Zima, these 12 canned cocktails come pretty close.

Beautiful Vodka Collins

Chock-full of deliciously fancy botanicals like quassia and coriander, this version of a Vodka Collins harnesses that sweet, light Zima vibe…right down to the soda-sweet white grape juice finish. Buy Now

Fresca Mixed Vodka Spritz

Fresca already has one foot in the 90s, so you know you’re in the right place with the Fresca Mixed Vodka Spirits. It’s a smooth, juicy sipper that’ll quell your Yo-yo/Yo Yo Ma-era beverage nostalgia. Buy Now

BACARDĺ Ready-to-Drink Límon & Lemonade

A drinkable blend of lemon rum and lemonade hit those coveted sweet n’ citrus notes just like Mariah circa 1996. When this canned diva gives you next-gen Zima…you’ll be glad you bought the extra 4-pack. Buy Now

Rogue Spirits Ginger Lime Vodka Mule Canned Cocktail

Because of its ginger-forward recipe, this Rogue Spirits has a Zima-tasting base with a surprising, spicy punch. It’ll make you feel like you’re logging into America Online…exhilarated. Buy Now

The Long Drink - Traditional

The Long Drink Traditional is a Finnish blend that channels the ghost of Zima’s past with a tasty combo of gin, citrus, and soda. Kippis! (That’s “cheers” in Finnish) Buy Now

Spritz Society Lemon

Zima always masterfully juggled sweet and sour notes, and Spritz Society Lemon’s wildly delicious blend of pressed lemons and sparkling wine follows suit. Buy Now

The Copper Can Moscow Mule

This elegant 3-ingredient canned cocktail is sweet, bright, and bubbly and might just be close enough to Zima to inspire a Pepsi Challenge-inspired taste test. If the lemon limes fit, you must acquit. Buy Now

Made with Yuzu, lemongrass, and an impressive amount of limes, you can enjoy this zero-proof treat on its own or mixed with vodka, gin, tequila, or white rum. Buy Now

Absolut Vodka Soda Grapefruit & Rosemary, Lime & Cucumber

I will rarely suggest mixing two canned beverages, but if you want that great Zima taste, you’ve gotta take some risks. Put on your tinfoil hat because after you sip this 1:1 mixture of the Grapefruit & Rosemary and the Lime & Cucumber, we’re going back in time…first, to invest in Microsoft stock, then to buy more Zima (obviously). Buy Now

Cutwater Spirits Vodka Mule

The taste, price point, and ubiquity of this delectable Zima imitator will give you true 90s deja vu. And unlike the Mars Pathfinder mission, the delicious bitters n’ lime combo goes down the chat-hole smoothly and easily. Buy Now

Ciroc Sunset Citrus Spritz

The taste, price point, and ubiquity of this delectable Zima imitator will give you true 90s deja vu. And unlike the Mars Pathfinder mission, the delicious bitters n’ lime combo goes down the chat-hole smoothly and easily. Buy Now

NUTRL Classic Lemonade Cocktail

Effervescent and tasty, the NUTRL vodka seltzer is like a Zima Lite…if there was such a thing. So light and airy, you can double-fist with a Snackwells. Remember those things? Buy Now

Two Chicks Sparkling Grapefruit Paloma Vodka Cocktail

This crisp sparkling pink grapefruit cocktail has all the makings of a Zima revival in a can. Complimented with a light tequila blanco, Two Chicks’ Paloma manages to blend the optimism of the 90s with 2020s-era accessibility. Buy Now

Dogfish Head Lemon & Lime Gin Crush

With natural citrus juices and some herbed-up gin, this canned cocktail already has designs on deliciousness. But who would’ve thought it would taste like a slightly lighter/less sweet Zima. Buy Now

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