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Black-owned brands to sip in 2023

From whiskey to wine to beer and beyond, these Black-owned brands keep bringing incredible bevs to the table.

From whiskey to wine to beer and beyond, Black-owned brands are continually bringing incredible bevs to the table. 

And Black History Month is the perfect time to discover these companies and the people behind them who inspire, disrupt, and empower. 

These are just some of the fantastic Black-owned brands you can support this month and every month after.

When founder Jack Summer launched his micro-distillery  in 2012, he became the only Black person in post-Prohibition America to make liquor with a license.  It was at this distillery that Summer blazed yet another trail by concocting the first-ever shelf stable version of Sorel.

Founded during the powerful movement that came in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, Du Nord Social Spirits is a proudly Black-owned brand that constantly strives to address racial inequities in Minnesota’s Twin Cities by supporting business ownership and investing in community through intentional and innovative business development. Did we mention how many different bottles they make? GinVodkaCoffee Liqueur.

Arthur Moye was a CPA with a passion for homebrewing who took a giant leap when he sold his practice to acquire Full Circle Brewing. Based in Fresno, Full Circle went through a rebirth when Arthur Moye took over ownership in 2016, uniting the company under a vision of being vocal about its Black ownership and its position as an advocate for social justice.

McBride Sisters  is not only the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States—it’s also one of the most inclusive, accessible, socially aware, and sustainable. 

Founded in 2005, the McBride Sisters have had a clear mission since day one: to transform the industry, lead by example, and cultivate community, one delicious glass of wine at a time. Sourced from some of California’s finest winegrowing regions, its award-winning wines are for when it’s time to take any occasion up a few levels and have an epic celebration.

Operating under the mantra that diversity is not only the spice of life, but a proven creativity enhancer, AVEC specializes in making mixers you combine with your spirits for a rather perfect beverage. 

Diversity is a key ingredient to the brand itself, with founders from diverse backgrounds and flavors from around the world, making it central to who the brand is and what it does. Its premium, carbonated mixers are made from real juice, herbal botanicals, and spices to create naturally delicious and low-sugar drinks when combined with your favorite spirits of choice.

Maison Noir Wines founder André Hueston Mack was successful in the investment services sector, but decided to leave his desk job to pursue a passion for wine. The result? 

A two-fold lifestyle project that produces not only Oregon wines, but its own T-shirt line—both inspired by the wine lifestyle and street culture of the punk and hip-hop scenes.  

The unique and distinctive wines were initially created for some of New York’s best restaurants for whom Mack was a sommelier. Now, the wine and apparel are (luckily for us) available nationwide.

This award-winning spirit brand takes its namesake from the first Black person to write a cocktail book – The Ideal Bartender – and offers several smooth and delicious spirits to enjoy on their own or in your favorite cocktail. The brand, which has adopted the ethos of Bullock himself, believes that super cocktails inspire all types of people to congregate, that being a trusted tastemaker is about breaking down preconceived ideas and bringing new flavors together, and that the same holds true for bringing people together.

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