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Does your place in the zodiac have a say in your cocktail preferences? What are your signmates (did we just make that up?) sipping on? Well, we ran the numbers because this is a very serious, crucial question and we know you’re itching for answers…for science. 

Now you can make fun of other signs for super scientifically valid reasons like having a weird Drizly order. Who ordered the eggnog whiskey? Don’t touch; I want it.


Gin and Cab Sour

You know who has all the sensitivity and romanticism people THINK comes from Cancers? Pisces. Yup, we’re onto you. But it’s ok! Romanticizing your life is honestly the best way to live it. And what better way to exude main character energy than by sipping on a sophisticated cocktail made with red wine? Exactly. This yummy cocktail gets bonus points for being easy to shake up with bar cart staple ingredients.


White Christmas Margarita | Casamigos Blanco

Oh, okay Aqua! Somebody’s been having a fun year. We can only imagine the concoctions creative aquarians put together with all that tequila. How about a new one for the recipe book? Aquarians are natural visionaries and major envelope-pushers, so it checks out that they’d be down for a margarita that transcends seasons. Who said margaritas haaaad to be a summery drink? You can take this delicious wintery cocktail with you year-round like the innovator you are. Go ahead and drink it in the warmer months. Absolutely revolutionary.


Frozen Daiquiri | Ice

According to our data, this water sign stuck to their roots and ordered a bunch of ice. No, seriously. Ice. We double checked the numbers like…a lot. And we got a little worried. Are you doing alright over there, Cancer? We may be treading a thin line even daring to suggest something new to this furiously loyal water sign, but hey, you’ve gotta mix it up sometimes. Shake that ice together with another one of Cancer’s top picks, vodka, and make yourself a frozen daiquiri. Maybe you can share some sips with your newest love interest. We know you’ve got one on the brain.


Gin Rickey | White Claw Hard Seltzer Variety Pack No. 1

The fiery first sign in the zodiac loves a good hard seltzer. You and Leo have yet another thing to talk about. We’ll leave you both to it, but how about a suggestion before y’all get back to your cans of choice? Given how impatient Aries can be, we’re sure the portable, no frills nature of a White Claw is exactly what you need on a night of adventuring. Who has time for a glass when there’s a whole world out there to see? Well, if you ever decide to mix it up a little, throw in some gin and lime juice and you’ve got yourself a fun twist on a classic Gin Rickey.


White Wine Spritzer | Oyster Bay New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

What could please the pickiest of Virgos? Nothing. But keeping it simple with a crisp white wine might come pretty close. Given your love for the practical, reliable things in life, it checks out that Sauvignon Blanc is so high on your list. Add a little club soda and you’ve got yourself the most sensible cocktail you’ve ever made. Plus it’s quick! We know patience isn’t really your strong suit.


Cosmopolitan | Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka

We won’t pretend to have you all figured out, Scorpio. We know maintaining the mystery is kind of your whole thing. Scorpios don’t have time for nonsense and always want to know what the real deal is. They’ll probably even make their Cosmos with real cranberries. Cosmopolitans are a fruity, fun, classic drink and they’re surprisingly easy to make. That way, the always independent Scorpio can maintain the illusion of never needing pointers.


A glass of red. Seriously. | Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

Look at you, fancypants. What could be more taurean than a big glass of red wine? Nothing. So it comes as no surprise that Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon is one of Taurus’s most popular picks. Plus it’s super low maintenance (unlike our favorite luxury-loving earth signs) so you can skip the mixing and get to sipping. We won’t even bother trying to get stubborn Tauruses to make a new drink out of it. Just pour a glass and run your tenth bath of the day. No judgment. We love baths.


Long Island Iced Tea | Coca-Cola

We know Sagittarius folks thrive on being the entertainer so, to spare your feelings, we won’t call you boring for this. But we absolutely will ask you to at least make something other than a rum and coke with all that soda you’ve been buying. There’s nothing a Sagittarius enjoys more than being the expert, so we’re sure that mastering a new Coca-Cola centered favorite will be right up your alley. Keep a couple cans in the fridge to try mixing up your new signature. After a few sips of these, your friends will be convinced you’re a full-fledged mixologist.


Mimosa(s) | La Marca Prosecco

Cheers to the playful, perceptive gemini (and to the friends who put up with them). As the social butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini always has a reason to gather up the troops and celebrate and a joke or two to keep them there. Prosecco plus orange juice and grenadine equals the perfect cocktail for the bubbly air sign. Drop a quick invite in the group chat and start popping bottles. If you pour it, they will come. But please, play nice this time. Or at least warn them if this is gonna be a repeat of your (in)famous stand-up comedy nights.


Chelada | Corona

Of course Libra, after struggling to pick a drink for what likely felt like forever, settled on a simple, classic beer as one of their top picks. And hey, we won’t get mad atcha for going with a classic. Instead, we’ll give you the tools to have a little extra fun without throwing you too far out of your comfort zone. We know you like it there. Add some lime juice and tajin to that beer and you’ve got a delicious Mexican favorite. We’re sure you would much rather keep the peace than shake the table but just trust us on this one. You’ll be head over heels for the Chelada in no time.


Vodka Root Beer Float | Hendrick’s

Capricorns are always making power moves and working hard to keep up with a laundry list of responsibilities. As the honorary mom of all your friend groups, you deserve a little time to indulge your inner child. Lean into the nostalgia and away from your usual practicality. Get messy! Who doesn’t love a good root beer float? This grown-up twist on a childhood favorite has you covered (literally, it might end up everywhere) with all the fun, sweet, boozy qualities you could ask for.


Raspberry White Claw Cocktail

Yeah yeah, we know. Your pride had you telling everyone that you totally ordered some super fancy stuff this year, but it turns out Leos love themselves a simple, reliable, hard seltzer. Life’s a stage and Leo is the star. And sometimes the star wants something quick before showtime. We get it. But, with you being your theatrical self, it makes sense to add a touch of drama to everyone’s favorite canned concoctions when you have an extra few minutes backstage. Pour your favorite White Claw over muddled raspberries and grenadine and you’ve got yourself a cocktail worthy of a standing ovation.

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