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Light beer is the superior beer.

Hot take. Cold beer.

Beer. The great equalizer. From sours, stouts, and Belgian ales, and beer treated with a mysterious grape powder; it seems like every year a new style comes out that breaks down barriers and makes taste buds explode. 

Sure those double-hopped-extra-juicy-hazy bottles are exciting, but there exists a beloved subgenre of beer that eclipses all the fancy stuff with its simplicity and dependability: I’m talkin’ about good ol’ fashioned light beer.

Light beer is here for us.

Light beer is available. 

Birthdays! Light beer

Football games! Light beer.

Fridays at home Googling the difference between sweet potatoes and yams? You know the answer. Light beer. Also yams are starchier. 

Beer should complement your activities — not compete with them. There will always be time to try that dry-hopped, phantasm-treated, hazy-as-heck IPA, but the beauty of a light beer is that it’s always there for you. And that’s the thing… people want it

It's the best "first beer."

We all remember our first beer. And chances are, it was a light one. 

But light beer isn’t just the best to kick off a lifetime love affair with beer — it’s the best beer to get your night (or day) started. It’s essentially a primer for any other kind of beer you may wanna try later on. Because “when it hits your lips,” you don’t want anything but pure, light refreshment. 

As great as IPAs and stouts are, they’re not the kind of beer you can drink with the same Je ne sais quoi of a light beer.

It doesn't necessarily have to be "watered down."

The biggest knock against light beer is that it’s “like drinking water.” First of all, smart guy, ALL beer is like drinking water. Beer is 90-95% water. And our existence literally relies on it, so let’s not speak of it negatively about our good buddy, water.. 

I get it, though; when you drink beer, you want it to be flavorful. And certain mainstream beers are technically just watered-down versions of other beers (I won’t name names). 

Believe it or not, lots of new lighter beers are simply brewed with a lower volume of ingredients, rather than just adding more water to the mix.

So, sure, you can conclude that light beer often has less taste. Fine.

It’s fair for all of us to admit this, at least: There’s a time and a place for non-light beers. No one’s saying they can’t be great. In fact, everyone should be encouraged to try and enjoy literally every beer. 

I ask you this, though: what do you reach for during that perfect summer day when you want a refreshing blast of beer without feeling like you swallowed a loaf of rye? The fancy stuff or a can you can depend on? You know the answer. (Light beer.)

Ben is a writer in Brooklyn, originally from Richmond, VA. When he’s not writing words, he can be found at sports bars eating mozzarella sticks.

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